So, one of my hobbies is making playlists. I enjoy this activity tremendously. I like listening to music. All kinds of music. I’m the type of listener who just puts Spotify on random and can listen to no end. I am a fan of no particular artist, but therefore I have plenty of time to listen to artists that I didn’t even know existed. Often, I don’t know the song titles. I just shuffle through my list on and on. And when someone asks me what song I'm talking about, I hum the melody instead of telling them the title.

Anyway, this love of music is why every story (and/or series) I write has its own playlist.

To be crystal-clear, I don’t make money from these playlists. You need your personal Spotify account to listen to the full songs. I checked with Spotify, and they said that so long as I don’t broadcast the songs, I can make these playlists.

(Oh, and no one is paying me to get on the playlists.)

Anyway, <Milk>, which is the story that I call “that magic cow story,” has a playlist that I am particularly fond of. It’s because of  that one song, “Polovetsian Dances from Prince Igor.” The melody is super hooky. (Not sure if that word is ever used that way… basically I mean it has a catchy hook.)

This song is the very first song in the playlist.

The melody brings to mind forest spirits dancing through the woods. I actually have no idea what Prince Igor is about, aside from “It must have a prince in it,” so I don’t know if there’s anything about spirits or a forest in that story. I just like the song and what it conjures up in my mind!

And that song set the whole tone for the whole playlist. I like Ghibli movies, too, and this playlist also has my favorite music out of all the Ghibli movies. (Although Kiki isn’t my favorite Ghibli movie. Song & movie—not the same thing.)

If you like fairy-taily, nostalgic, idyllic music, you might like the playlist. And if you like the playlist, maybe you’ll like the story too. It’s the first story in the vault.

Just in general, the story worked out naturally and organically. Sometimes I get that natural/organic feeling as I write; sometimes I don’t. It all depends, not only on the story, but also on what’s happening or not happening in life. (Mostly what happened was the lockdown and what didn’t happen was traveling.)

I put it as the first story because I like the motif.

Milk: liquid youth. New beginnings. Rejuvenation. Growth.

Also, there’s a pretty cow in the story. Cows have such beautiful eyes.

Happy reading,