Hello. I'm Ithaka.

Short version Intro

I tell stories.

  • Ithaka On My Mind: the phrase that forms the URL for ithakaonmymind.com, my static website, which started out as a publishing imprint.
  • Ithaka O.: the shortened version and also my pen name.
  • Imaginarium Kim: the legal container.
  • Ithaka's Vault: this site right here, at ithaka.imaginariumkim.com; my home office.

Long version Intro

Ithaka On My Mind is a mindset, an imprint, and a pen name. When choosing this name, I was inspired by a poem by C.P. Cavafy.

"On my mind" described my situation better than "in my mind," because I wasn't just casually thinking about the figurative Ithaka--I was deeply obsessed about having to find my Ithaka, and felt pressured to start moving toward it.

Hence "on my mind." Hence the mindset, the imprint, and the pen name. It started out in that order, chronologically speaking, though that isn't the order of importance.

The imprint part is now in a far, far, tiny, tiny corner of my mind, because the very point of imprints has become a dinosaur zombie concept in this era, in my opinion.

I wanted to bury the fossils and move with the times, which is why now I'm focusing on this site. I am by no means an early adopter, but I am excited about the future: blockchain, metaverse, flying homes, whatever. Old-school publishing just isn't part of the future I envision for myself.

Storytelling is part of that future, however.

I think humans will keep on telling stories, in one form or another, so long as they're Homo sapiens. (...which our descendants may cease to be. But that story is for another time.)

So, I wanted to simplify things--kinda like when you pack light when you know you want to go far and quickly.

More names = more time spent on office work. Might as well use one name for as many things as possible. Hence, now, mindset = pen name = imprint. This is the order of importance.

Using the full phrase "Ithaka On My Mind" as my pen name sounded too much like a rap name, which is why I went with Ithaka O. for the pen name part. (I have nothing against rap names, but I am no rapper.)

All this is why now there's this funny thing going on, where I call myself "Ithaka" and yet here my static website URL contains "Ithaka On My Mind." It's like I'm thinking about myself all the time. It's like I am in search of me.

But now you see, Ithaka is me, but also not me.

Or... maybe it is all about me--a version of me that I don't know. And I'm just introspective that way.

That's all for the history behind the name(s).

Hopefully my search for myself will be entertaining/disturbing/curious enough for some folks out there.

This website consists of two areas: public-access and kindred-spirits-only.

Public-access area

Kindred-spirits-only area

  • Pure Fiction. Most stories start with public-access chapters so that you can determine if you're one of us. 😈


  • I curse, swear, and say blasphemous things.
  • I talk about violence, both in fiction and non-fiction.
  • So far, I haven't talked about sex, but who knows. It could happen in the future.
  • By using this site, you're agreeing to the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy. So, it's a good idea to read them.

That's it. If you wanna find my socials, they're listed here.

Thank for stopping by.

May the road ahead of you be filled with glory! And victory! And whatever else that excites you.